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 CrabForum Rules

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Mr. The Admin

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PostSubject: CrabForum Rules   CrabForum Rules EmptySat May 17, 2014 5:31 pm

Credit for these go to abyss and the other admins over at ScorpionForum. Though I added to them and otherwise made them relevant.

Here's the basic rules, folks. Follow them, and everyone's happy.  Smile <-- a happy admin/mod

Instances of broken rules will be edited / deleted / reprimanded as the staff sees fit.

Admins, please update as necessary.

1. Play Nice
Let’s try to keep this forum to a friendly atmosphere. If you have problems with someone, keep it to PMs -- that means no publicly attacking, sarcasm, insulting or generally being a jerk to other members.

2. No swearing or adult content
This kind of falls under the "play nice" rule. We'd like to keep this forum family-friendly.
If we can tell what you're trying to say, asterisks still count as swearing.
Example: X**X

3. No spamming
This should go without saying. Posting appropriately in the classifieds is OK, but don't flood the forums with ads. Same goes for promoting your forum (see above).

4. No thread-jacking
Stay on the original topic of threads. If you have something unrelated to say, start a new thread.

5. No grave-digging
If a thread is more than FOUR months old (please refer to the last post being made in that thread), do not post on it and have it bumped up to the top. Please leave it be (unless you are the original poster with updated information). If you have some questions pertaining to that "old" thread, please pm/ email the Original Poster (OP) or you may start a new thread. Posts that are made against this rule will be removed and points may be issued to the member's account.

6. Please post in the appropriate forums
E.g. Caresheets, Guides and Tutorials are put up as references for hobbyists, not as points of discussion. If you have a question directly pertaining to them, go ahead and post, but commenting on a caresheet such as "Hey, I'm getting a _____ what _______ do you recommend?" or "nice write-up" will get your post deleted.

7. Discussing illegal behavior
Debate is a useful tool in discussing and learning about many things, and as such, we welcome open discussion on many topics, especially those that pertain to the hobby. However, we must impose some restrictions on discussions pertaining to activity that may be illegal. DISCUSSION is perfectly acceptable, but any posts that could be construed as suggesting, encouraging, or advocating of illegal behavior will NOT be permitted. Authoritative figures do browse a variety of forums, and many will take an implication of something illegal as reason enough to investigate.

8. Multiple-user accounts
Under no circumstances is an account to be used by more than one person. If your brother / sister / spouse / significant other / cousin / uncle / niece / G. quadratus wants to use the forum, then he / she / it can set up another account.

9. PM
Abusive or spam-like PMs will not be tolerated. If you want to promote / sell something, use the appropriate forums. If someone doesn't reply back, your PM probably went through, but the recipient has chosen not to respond. Deal with it.

10. No fake ages allowed
Under no circumstances is the usage of a fake age allowed in your profile, no matter how funny you think it might be.
Members with suspicious/absurd age (e.g. 102; 666 etc.) will be automatically banned/deleted. For accounts with wrong age (created on and before 1 Jun 14), the mods may contact him/her to update their account details and they will be given one week to act on it before further actions will be taken against his/her account. No excuse for accounts created from 2 Jun 14 onwards.

11. DO NOT type in capital letters
If it's for a word within the sentence to emphasize the importance, it is fine.
However, do not type your entire post in capital letters. E.g. CAPITAL LETTERS ARE REGARDED AS 'SHOUTING' AT OTHERS.

12. Making a post
If you have something to add within 30 minutes of your previous post, and there are no replies, use the Edit button.

13. "For Sale / Trade" section
1. Use the correct title format for your sales thread
2. Do NOT post in the sales thread belonging to other forum members

This subject has been popping out in other forums, so before they make their way here I'd like to make a rule against it.

If you find an article you want to share, that’s fine but no posting videos or pictures of "Scorpion VS. Mouse", "Tarantula vs. Bird", etc.
There are a few exceptions to this rule. Feeder bugs are okay. ABSOLUTELY NO GLADIATOR BUGS OR JAPANESE BUG FIGHTS. If you find a video DOCUMENTARY style of an encounter between "scorpion vs. tarantula” or similar that is excepted. If you post any of these videos here you will be suspended or banned depending on the seriousness of the video.

I know this is long, but it is important. Please read it in its entirety.

Last edited by Mr. The Admin on Mon May 25, 2015 9:12 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added numbers)
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CrabForum Rules
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